Our specialists are happy to assist you. We use our deep and extensive knowledge of standards and guidelines to provide you with creative advice. Do you need help with research into tank calamities, analyses of the technical condition, advice in the field of maintenance, rebuilding and new construction of storage tanks, and of course all engineering work for storage tanks, high-voltage pylons and stations, and other steel structures? Or do you want to know more about what we can do for you?

Come and join our Dutch course on 18 April 2024: Design and maintenance of storage tanks according to PGS29

Tanks and pressure vessels

Are you the owner, inspector, operator or maintenance manager of a refinery, tank installation or tank depot and do you need our specific or specialist knowledge? Do you have an emergency and need immediate help? Even then we are always available to provide you with advice. 


30+ years of international experience; broad, independent advice.
  • Feasibility studies, budget analyses (CAPEX / OPEX), specifications and specifications for new construction, complete design, basics of design, assessment and testing of designs made by third parties.
  • Repair specifications, implementation plans for maintenance regimes.
  • Investigation of calamities.
  • Practical feasibility based on current standards and guidelines.
Technical expert or arbitrator in legal disputes.
Organising and giving courses in the field of EN14015, PGS29, EEMUA159 and other standards and guidelines.
  • See page courses for more information and registration.
Author of various standards and guidelines.
  • Presidency TC / 265 WG9 CEN.
  • Responsible for European tank standards, including EN14015 and EN14620.
  • Chair of the EEMUA storage tank committee.
  • Responsible for European tank directives, including EEMUA159, EEMUA180, EEMUA183, EEMUA213.

For more information contact
Jan de Jong

For more information contact
Patrick Damen


30+ years of international experience; broad, independent advice.
  • Complete engineering of new construction tanks, including FEM calculations of fixed and floating roofs, foundations.
  • Fit-for-purpose analyses, residual lifetime calculations, repair and replacement options.
  • Waste analyses using FEM calculations or based on normative analyses.
  • Practical feasibility based on current standards and guidelines.
Stress calculations on pipeline systems.
  • Optimise existing piping systems in tank pits.
  • Collection of expansion of steel pipes by means of hairpins or compensation bellows.
  • Stress calculations on new pipeline systems taking into account the bulging of the tank wall under full internal pressure.
Extensive knowledge of various software packages.
  • Simcentre 3D / Nastran, Caesar II, SCIA engineer, AutoCAD / Inventor.
  • Software under own management: TankCheck (based on EEMUA159), Mounded Storage Vessels.
  • Thorough knowledge of possibilities or limitations of this software.
  • Spreadsheets developed by D&C Engineering in the field of tank stability, uplift, overturning and frangibility.

High-voltage lines and switch stations

Are you involved in the national high-voltage network as a network manager, construction company, contractor or telecom provider? Then D&C Engineering is your right interlocutor.

30+ years of experience in design and engineering.
  • High-voltage pylons, portals and stations, ascent points, and their foundations.
  • Control of internal and external voltage distances, control of lightning protection.
  • More than 6,000 high-voltage pylons recalculated due to the placement of antenna constructions (sites).
  • Very extensive and unique database of the Dutch high-voltage grid.
  • Advice with a view to practical feasibility: with both feet on the ground.
Designing / calculating / drawing new high-voltage structures and their foundations.
  • High-voltage pylons, portals, stations and ascent points.
Control of existing high-voltage structures and their foundations.
  • Increases of tower height due to changes in underlying infrastructure.
  • Enforcement calculations for placing telecoms antennas (sites) or new types of conductors.
  • Making workshop drawings.
Fabrication and delivery of steel structures and concrete foundations (with partners).

Testing of theory with practice through extensive experience with software packages.
  • AutoCAD / Inventor, TEKLA, SCIA engineer, PLS-CADD, PLS TOWER.
  • Thorough knowledge of possibilities and / or limitations of this software!
Extensive knowledge of standards and guidelines.
  • Author of "Guidelines for safety-related management of overhead lines".
  • Membership of the Cigré NC-B2 commission (high-voltage pylons).
  • Membership of the NEC 11/36 committee.

For more information contact
Judith de Jong

General steel construction

Are you looking for a company that can solve your steel construction problem? Then approach one of the specialists at D&C Engineering. We combine knowledge of steel structures with that of concrete.

For more information contact
Judith de Jong

30+ years of experience with the design and engineering of steel structures and their foundations.
  • Design / calculate / draw all kinds of steel truss or sheet steel constructions.
  • Train stations, football stadiums, canopies, etc.
  • Testing existing structures on the basis of NEN8700 and NEN8701.
Testing of theory with practice through extensive experience with software packages.
  • Simcentre 3D / Nastran, SCIA engineer, AutoCAD / Inventor, TEKLA.
  • Thorough knowledge of possibilities or limitations of this software.

“Engineering is not merely knowing and analysing. Engineering is practicing the art of organising strength, stiffness and stability.”

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Registration form


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