Through sponsorship of various charitable and social institutions D&C Engineering wishes to contribute to operating a viable company for the society. Therefore, it is active in providing financial or material support to institutions that seek social benefit. From the many charities, D&C Engineering has selected the following charities which can rely on contributions and support each year.

Stichting “Europa Kinderhulp”

Providing summer holidays for disadvantaged children from the Netherlands and neighbouring countries (Germany, Austria and France) who - because of their desperate (home) situation - do not have the ability to go on vacation.

Stichting “Leonardo”

Funding and organization of specific teaching focused on gifted children.

Stichting “Doe een wens”

Fulfilling a favourite wish of children between 3 and 18 years old who have a life threatening disease.

Stichting “Maak de droom waar”

Providing "day trips" for the mentally
disabled people in the Utrecht exhibition where Dutch celebrities provide performances.

Zomercursus “Woudschoten”

A 10-day music course at the former monastery Beukenhof in Biezenmortel led by specialist teachers for young musicians aged between 12 and 25 years old.

Serious Request 3FM    

The annual donation of a substantial contribution to the - partly by the Red Cross - organized Serious Request activities by Radio 3FM (glass house in city centres in the Netherlands around Christmas time).

Wheelchair tennis

Sponsorship of an international level wheelchair tennis player to finance training and participation in international tournaments.

And other small, local projects


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