&C Engineering is committed to a sustainable future. We take our responsibility towards our planet very seriously. Rules and regulations are set to reduce our impact on nature and the environment and are working in five key areas:

VCA* 2008/5.1 certificate
Our work is subject to the VCA requirements on Welfare, Health, Safety and Environment.

The environment inside the office:
We think before we print; most files are stored digitally. If we print we only use FSC-certified paper. We recycle all our used papers. We use ceramic mugs and glasses. A specialised recycling company collects our empty printer cartridges, toners and batteries.

The environment outside the office:
Cycling lanes in the neighbourhood and storage for bicycles outside the office. Easy access to motorways. Easy access to public transport. Safety on roads and in the neighbourhood; including street lightning. Greenery; including trees, rivers, parks and open views.

Personnel mobility:
We ask our personnel to minimise the use of their cars and if possible to carpool, cycle or use public transport. All cars bought by the company have a CO2-emission below the standard 150 milligram limit. Furthermore we always try to recruit locally first before expending our search.

D&C Engineering is also aware of its social responsibility:
We are aware of the fact that people within the company make us strong and if we want to stay the best in our field we have to appreciate everyone who works with us. We discuss our ways to work structurally with all employees and if necessary we change their work and work environment to maintain mutual satisfaction. Employees are entitled to expand and develop their expertise. We organise annually two major gatherings with all employees, their partners and families. All our retired personnel is invited to attend those gatherings too.

D&C Engineering has acquired a wealth of experience since 1985 by successfully realising numerous projects, domestic and international. 

D&C Engineering for over 30 years strong in steel!

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