Who we are

Reach out to the sky with both feet on the ground

A slogan especially fitting on D&C Engineering, both in a figurative and in a literal way:

Working on a lonely height of quality and in-depth knowledge and experience in the application fields, but also with both feet on the ground, imbedded in the knowledge that each contract is unique and that the organisation should bring these contracts to a successful and final delivery of the undertaken responsibilities.


Building towers, pylons, industrial buildings and chimneys: it can never be too high! But with a sound knowledge of safety procedures and a thorough understanding to connect the three "S'ses (Stress, Stiffness and Stability) to the foundations of the structures.

Knowledge centre
Far more than a contractor in engineering D&C is a knowledge centre that develops its own know-how which will be shared with clients. By actively taking part in and taking on the leadership in standard committees for the various disciplines D&C is working in (CEN, EEMUA, EN and Cigré), D&C is the spindle in deepening and transferring its knowledge.

D&C Engineering has acquired a wealth of experience over the years by successfully realising numerous projects in various application fields.

The facility to undertake construction responsibilities combined with engineering activities, integrated within the same organisation, offers real added value and maximum reassurance for successfully realising any undertaken contract.

Based upon knowledge and technical expertise of contractual conditions and financing, D&C Engineering can advise upon the feasibility of any particular contract.

D&C Engineering trusts, that the information presented may form sufficient grounds for a positive evaluation of the capabilities of the company regarding the execution of client projects.

D&C Engineering has acquired a wealth of experience since 1985 by successfully realising numerous projects, domestic and international. 

D&C Engineering for over 30 years strong in steel!

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