Membership international committees

Personnel of D&C Engineering are involved in numerous international committees linked with the International Industry as well as Governments that are editing norms, codes and guidelines for the design, construction, inspection, maintenance and operation of (oil & gas) storage facilities, Industrial chimneys as well as infrastructures for the electricity transport- and distribution industry (high voltage pylons and switch stations).

  • Member (since 1995) and Chairman (since 2000) of the Storage Tanks Committee of the EEMUA organisation (the Engineering, Equipment & Materials User’s Association).

  • Convenor (since 2010 of the Work Group 9, of the Technical Committee 265 of the Centre of European Normalisation in Brussels, responsible for editing an updating of the storage tank related European norms EN 14015 (ambient storage) and EN 14620 (refrigerated and cryogenic storage).

  • Course leader and lecturer at the EEMUA CompeTankTM scheme: which include TankAssessorTM courses (‘Basic tank design’, Inspections and ‘Fit-for-purpose analyses’) and TankStrategiesTM courses (‘Implementation of sound maintenance practices and RBIS/RCM methodologies’).

  • Member (since 1999) of the CIGRé-committee (International Council on Large Electric Systems), and secretary (since 2004) of the national study committee B2 (high voltage electricity distribution lines).

  • Member (since 1999) of the National Committee (the Netherlands) of the NEC 11/36 European Norm Committee (high voltage electricity distribution lines).

  • From 2000 u/i 2005 Member of the Dutch IORT-work group “Industrie Overleg Richtlijnen OpslagTanks” (Industrial platform for evaluating codes, legislation documents and guidelines for storage tanks, The Netherlands).

  • From 2000 u/i 2005 Member of the Dutch committee, editing revised publications of the CPR 9-2 and 9-3 guidelines (Guide’s to prevent disasters from storage tanks) PGS 29 for the government of the Netherlands.

  • Member of the author team of various SHELL Design & Engineering Practices for (i) storage tank selection, design, construction, inspection and maintenance, for (ii) design and construction of mounded storage pressurised LPG vessels and for (iii) inspection & maintenance of above ground pressurised LPG spheres and bullets.

  • Member of the editing team of the CIRIA (the Construction Industry Research & Information Association) document: “Chemical storage tank systems; design, construction and installation good practice”.

  • From 1980 u/i 1985: Member of the work committee ‘Stoomwezenregels' (Dutch Pressure Vessel Directorate) for the rules: Vertical, Cylindrical Storage Tanks from, respectively, carbon steel (rules G-801), stainless steel (rules G-802) and aluminium (rules G-803) and the rules: Refrigerated- (rules G-804) and Cryogenic (rules G-805) Storage Tanks.

  • From 1991 u/i 1995: Member of the CICIND-organisation (International Committee for Industrial Chimneys) in the work committee: Steel liners in industrial chimneys.

D&C Engineering has acquired a wealth of experience since 1985 by successfully realising numerous projects, domestic and international. 

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